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Jeroen de Haan graduated in 2005 at the Academy of Music and Dance in Rotterdam (formerly the Rotterdam Conservatory), after having a career in a business environment. At the Academy he studied organ with Aart Bergwerff and church music with Aart Bergwerff, Hans van Gelder and Arie Hoek.

Jeroen de Haan is cantor-organist of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Woerden and conductor of the chamber-choir "Sjir Chadasj" in Hazerswoude-Dorp.

De Haan is a member of the Committee for Organ Affairs of the national board for managerial affairs of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. As a teacher he is involved in the church music course of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands and in that capacity he teaches the courses organ and the support of congregational singing. He also has a thriving and growing practice of organ students.

In the autumn of 2010 he released his first CD with works by Dutch composers. Since 2005 he has been giving concerts in Sweden, in 2011 he made his debut in Stockholm. In 2012 he made his debut in Russia (Philharmonie of Kostroma).

Photo: Jeroen de Haan at the Pels & Van Leeuwen-organ in the St. Nikolaichurch in Halmstad (Sweden).

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